Peacemaking Seminars

Peacemaking training is designed to equip people with culturally relevant skills in managing conflict. During this two day, 14 hour, interactive training you will learn to identify the real issues behind conflict and to handle differences in biblical ways:

  • Taking responsibility for your part in the conflict
  • Reconciling relationships
  • Resolving differences

Conflict Advising and Go-Between Training

Advising & Go-Between training is a second level of training that teaches skills in assisting others in managing conflict. It includes two days of training and practice in basic Scriptural principles that are applicable in any culture although they may take on different cultural forms. This training builds on the personal Peacemaking process and are open to those who have completed the entry level Peacemaking training.

The text and facilitators provide a guideline for assisting others with conflicts. Using the teach-model-practice-debrief model of instruction, material is presented in the format of discussions followed by role plays.

Mediation and Mediation Training

Mediation training is a two day advanced training that follows the Advising & Go-Between training. The process a mediator uses in guiding mediation—an intentional conversation that seeks a purposeful end—is described and outlined as steps. Individuals can use the same process without a mediator. The same steps can be used in decision making processes from simple discussions, to chairing committee meetings, to planning strategically, through managing conflict.

Mediation guides those in conflict in listening to each other and explaining facts, attitudes, and feelings in a balanced way. By the end of the training each participant practices all the parts of a mediation and has the opportunity to lead an entire mediation with a co-mediator.

Complex Mediation training is designed for those who have completed the Mediation training and would like to understand more complex conflicts, especially multi-cultural conflicts. Spread over a four day period each participant has the opportunity to participate in and/or co-mediate a fictitious complex conflict. Through this training you will gain skills needed to be an effective mediator and increase your confidence in guiding people through conflict and uncovering heart issues.

Training Resource Development

We design and develop specialized training resources to be used alongside of our training seminars. The content of our resources is drafted by our qualified professionals and goes through an extensive team review process to ensure both its impact and its quality. From initial concept design to final rendering, our custom-tailored graphics are produced by our in-house graphic artists to bring our training materials to life for our participants. We also handle all stages involved with the preparation and distribution of training event resources such as fliers, brochures, and handouts.

Mobile Applications

We strive to offer our resources in the most current technological mediums available, thereby maximizing availability while minimizing barriers to access. We utilize both mobile applications as well as web-based solutions to ensure that our target audience can find and engage with our training materials as easily and effectively as possible. Incorporating smart-phone and tablet solutions in our trainings enables us to offer customizable and responsive training material. Not only can participants view materials in their own language, but the facilitators can also receive instantaneous audience feedback to retain the relevance of the trainings.

Localization Services

To ensure cross-cultural effectiveness, we carefully adapt our resources to best fit the contexts they are being used in. The localization process begins with the translation of materials into the native tongue of the participants. However, for information to be both heard and understood, it is also important to adapt the materials to be culturally sensitive. By involving natives of the target audience in the resource preparation process, we ensure that our content is both linguistically comprehensible and culturally impactful.