Peacemaking App


Part of a training package for peacemaking in multi-cultural teams, the Peacemaking App presents a guide to Biblical conflict resolution in an interesting and user-friendly way. While it is designed as a resource for training in peacemaking, Peacemaking can also be used as a stand-alone guide in personal and organisational settings. Developed in 2009, this training has been used in ten countries to equip dozens of churches and international teams with Biblical principles and practices for effective conflict resolution.

Personal peacemaking begins with moving towards conflict, recognising that God provides us a safe place to deal with conflict while glorifying Him. We then humble ourselves by removing the log from our own eye. After we have reconciled the relationship through repentance and forgiveness, we can then effectively resolve the differences we are experiencing.

Organisational peacemaking is based upon personal reflection where we repent from our sins, forgive our brother, and, when possible, overlook their offense. When it is not possible, conflict resolution moves to the interpersonal level which involves the restoration of the relationship or constructive separation. If this is not successful, leadership becomes involved in the process. If successful resolution of the conflict is still not reached, members involved in the conflict should submit to a final decision made through arbitration.

Training Website


The Training Website is an event and resource management system designed for both event participants and facilitators. After logging in, users can explore schedules and browse through electives. Not only can users easily find session information, such as description, presenter, and location, but they can also view and download the session handouts. The Training Website centrally manages and automatically updates shuttle schedules, room number lists, and contact information as well.

Web Apps


In conjunction with our training services, Thor Consulting offers its clients full-scope web app development and maintenance services. Development includes both front-end UI/UX design and development, as well as back-end server development.

Our web apps are based upon the jQuery framework while implementing either jQueryMobile or Bootstrap for mobile-friendly responsive layouts. Hosted on our secure private servers, we offer PHP and SQL back-end solutions built with the CodeIgniter and phpMyAdmin frameworks.